Highlights of this month’s issue:

Moving Ahead On Traceability

Ontario Corn Fed Beef is taking steps to move its on-farm quality assurance program forward. The next innovation for the program uses traceability technology to transfer the key production information of the Corn Fed program into an electronic format.

Markets: Understanding The Non-Ag Factors

With a new planting season getting underway, market watchers will be monitoring the impact of the weather on grain and oilseed markets. Steve Kell, a grain merchandiser with Parrish & Heimbecker, credits farmers for being good at understanding how the fundamentals of supply and demand in agricultural production affect the prices. But Kell says there are several other factors that are not related to agriculture that also merit close attention.

The Winter That Wasn’t

Was that a very short winter or a very early spring?

Nonetheless, calving is a sure sign of spring and, as much as it was a very unusual winter, Dr. Randy Graham writes that you have to look after the cows and calves every spring to maximize the calf crop and prepare the cows for breeding and the next year’s calf crop.

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