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Introducing Certified AAA Platinum Ontario Corn Fed Beef

A new premium beef product raised by Ontario farm families is now available at 46 Loblaw stores in Ontario.

The Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association and the leading food retailer proudly launched Certified AAA Platinum Ontario Corn Fed Beef in August.

The meat produced for the brand comes from a densely marbled, high-quality cut of beef.

Jim Clark, Executive Director of the OCFA, says the producer group has worked closely with Loblaw to develop a line of high-end AAA products.

“They were looking for a premium brand with some strong clarification around marbling specifications that would make a premium product, similar to what you would expect with a Certified Angus or a Sterling Silver type of product,” says Clark. “All these products are a higher grade and have higher marbling specs. It will be a premium brand that we’re sorting that is not breed-specific.”

Ontario Corn Fed Beef at Real Canadian Superstores

The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program is expanding again. The signature branded product of the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association is now available at Real Canadian Superstore locations across the province, thanks to a growing partnership with Loblaw Companies Limited.

With the announcement of 37 Real Canadian Superstore locations involved in this program, approximately 241 Loblaw banner stores now offer Corn Fed Beef.

“Ontario Corn Fed Beef is a top quality product at a great value – which is exactly what our customers expect from us,” says Sal Baio, senior vice president, Fresh Meat and Seafood, Loblaw Companies Limited. “Our customers have told us they want more local products and we’ve had excellent feedback to Ontario Corn Fed Beef so far, so we’re happy to make it happen and support local farmers at the same time – it’s a win-win!”

Corn Fed Beef On You Tube

More people have the opportunity to learn about the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program by watching a new video on You Tube. The segment, produced by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is part of a series entitled, “Ready to Sell From the Farm.

It was shot at the Woodstock-area feedlot of David and Doug Kaufman and features OCFA Executive Director Jim Clark talking about various aspects of the program.

Click on the picture below to watch the video.

Also of note in the August issue: Remembering long-time cattle industry leader Tony Noorloos, a closer look at “shipping fever” and how the record heat could affect feed supplies.

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