Ontario Cattle Feeders' Association - What Is Ontario Corn Fed Beef

The Ontario Corn-Fed Beef program was launched in June of 2001 to expand the market for and profile of Ontario-produced beef. By expanding the market presence of this brand, Ontario Corn Fed Beef has been positioned as the Ontario brand of beef.

The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program provides consumers with an identifiably Ontario brand of beef – known to be consistent, premium and locally-raised.

The feed of cattle plays a big role in the flavour of the beef. In this program, cattle consume a high percentage of corn in their diets. This diet gives our beef superior marbling which makes it the most tender, tasty beef anywhere.

Corn-fed cattle have a desirable, distinct beef flavor recognized in the finest restaurants.
To be eligible to participate in the program, beef farmers must follow stringent quality assurance protocols.

Since its introduction into the market place in 2001, Ontario Corn-fed beef has provided consumers with a recognizable brand and logo that assures them of receiving a product consistently produced in accordance with established quality standards.