The Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association was formed in 1998 by a group of feedlot operators committed to reclaiming and increasing market share for beef in Ontario.

The Association is run by a Board of Directors of 11 feedlot operators feeding approximately 55,000 head of cattle.

There is a membership base of 90 producers feeding over 55% of the fed cattle in Ontario. To put the production of our members into a national perspective, Ontario produces 18.3 percent of the finished cattle in Canada. Our members therefore feed slightly more than 9 percent of all cattle marketed in Canada on an annual basis. We therefore regard ourselves as stakeholders having a very significant interest in producing a high quality product being demanded by the consumer.

Over the past 15 years we have seen a definite decline in the market share of beef. The consumer today wants a more consistent, tender, flavourful product. As an industry, we have to look at the signals that are being sent to us by consumers.

Not only do we need to meet the demands of the domestic market, we need to remember that we export our products into higher priced markets like Japan. We need to be recognized as leaders in the products we produce. The high quality product we are striving for needs to bring the consumer back to the same eating experience time and time again.

Increased communication between the sectors is crucial to developing a product. Everyone from the breeder, cow/calf, backgrounder, feeder, packer and retailer plays a role in the delivery of the end product.

The mandate of the organization is to improve and maintain a viable beef industry in Ontario. The Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association want to partner with all stakeholders to grow the sales of Ontario beef in the province. OCFA is committed to develop successful programs to reach our goals.

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