The goal of the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program is to produce a naturally great tasting product that is consistently tender and juicy. Ontario’s choice for naturally great tasting, tender beef… time after time:

  • Rich beef flavour
  • Consistent tenderness and juiciness
  • The assurance of wholesome feeding, strict farming practices and livestock management

The Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program is an integrated food safety and quality assurance program.

Farmers participating in the program are responsible for implementing and following a number of operating procedures in order to be certified. To meet the high standards for the product, all suppliers of Ontario Corn Fed Beef must adhere to an independently-audited feeding and management program at farm level.

The Ontario Corn Fed beef Quality Assurance Program requires the most modern methods and techniques for on-farm food safety, emphasizing health, cleanliness, environmental stewardship and record keeping.

Food safety and quality assurance is the responsibility of all partners in the beef supply chain. Consumers, government, food processors, farm suppliers and producers all have a stake and a role to play.

The program enables producers to demonstrate that they are doing their part to:

  • Market a consistent, high quality product
  • Enhance on-farm food safety and quality assurance
  • Promote environmental stewardship

The Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance program is designed to produce a consistent quality beef animal that has been raised by a specific set of guidelines in order to provide a premium product to the marketplace.

A producer becomes certified by adhering to the following procedures:

Certification Procedures

The Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program Producer has complied with the following:

  • Completed Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Training
  • Animals sold live through a sales ring are properly identified with OCFB tag
  • Adhered to feed regimen as per program guidelines
  • Submitted feed samples for testing
  • Feed tags/labels for each ration ingredient
  • All animal health products have Drug Identification Number (DIN)
  • Prescriptions on-file for off-label use, feed and water medications

OCFB Producer has completed the following records and reviewed corresponding SOP’s:

  • Cattle Receiving Record
  • Ration Composition Record
  • Suspect Feed Investigation Record
  • Animal Treatment Record
  • Group Treatment Record
  • Animal Health Product Inventory Record

Review of additional Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):

  • Animal Health Management Procedure
  • Feed Receiving Procedure

Review of on-farm management Good Production Practices (GPP):

  • Bio Security
  • Sanitation
  • Pest Control
  • Feed Storage
  • Medicine Storage
  • Water Quality

OCFB Producer must:

  • Allow a third party Auditor to visit the farm for initial certification and approval – Pre-AUDIT Review
  • Complete a Producer Audit Self-Assessment Tool
  • Allow a third party Auditor to visit the farm for subsequent on-farm audits – Final AUDIT