News Feed
The Fall 2021 edition of The News Feed is now online. The featured articles include an update on our marketing efforts in Japan. While the country is still in a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ontario beef exports continue to increase compared to the previous year's volumes. Volumes for the first six months of 2021 are up 30% over a very strong 2020. Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO), in partnership with the Joint Marketing Committee, a partnership between BFO and the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association, are pleased to share that we have introduced an Ontario Beef Quality Assurance Incentive Program, which will provide BFO check-off paying members with a 75 per cent rebate on VBP+ audit fees paid for members who become VBP+ certified through the completion of training, and an on-farm audit. And together with our research partners, the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program has launched the next steps in the feed bunk management and cattle behaviour study. The goal is to develop practical resources and tools a producer can use to implement good bunk management practices and strategies. The areas of study this summer included a survey of the feed industry professionals’ views of Ontario’s feedlot sector, observing behaviour of new feedlot arrivals, and taking a closer look at robotic feed pushers in a feedlot environment. For these stories and more, click on the following link: Fall_2021_News_Feed