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Ontario Corn Fed Beef was a real crowd pleaser during a special event to promote Canadian beef in Japan.

The latest edition of The News Feed is now available online. The Spring 2016 issue covers the highlights of the 18th annual Beef Industry Convention in London that was proudly hosted by the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association. While a lot has changed in the beef industry in the 15 years since the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association launched the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand, one thing has never changed. The OCFA has stood by its original blueprint for the farmer-owned program. As a result, the original principles of the brand are winning over new customers at home and across the world. During his presentation at the Convention, OCFA Executive Director Jim Clark marked the important achievements of the past year, including accomplishments that resulted from the organization’s commitment to the brand. In addition, John Baker, Director of Brand Management and Business Development, explained how the attributes of Ontario Corn Fed Beef are marketed to customers around the world. For these and the other stories in The News Feed, click on the following link: Feb 2016 News Feed