News Feed
The Summer 2021 edition of The News Feed is now online.  The featured articles include an update on our Feed Bunk Management and Cattle Behavioural study.  A video of the project has created lots of interest since its release last year. With the video receiving over 2,300 views to date, it is evident this type of information needs to be made readily accessible to provide ideas and suggestions to help Ontario’s feedlot sector become better managers of their operations. To continue to expand on the bunk management and cattle behaviour theme for the benefit of Ontario’s beef producers, staff from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program are implementing three modules of study this summer. These include a survey of feed industry advisors and nutritionists to gather pertinent information from the feed industry regarding the identification of various issues they observe on their clients’ farms and to better understand current feeding practices on Ontario feedlots. The second module will explore the use of automated feed pushers. The third module will use cameras to study cattle behaviour of new arrivals at participating feedlots. To view the issue, click on the following link: Summer_2021_News_Feed